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In Northcote plaza tonight was staring at a packet of Muesli and saying-
'52% muesli, no way, no way' (repeatedly)
* * *
* * *
Road to work today. On the way there wasn't many people on bikes> I only saw one person wearing those Fluorescent Yellow bike jackets.

Sorry Ol' Toofy but I haven't seen any good numberplates lately.

* * *
Yesterday ate a subway sandwich, a bowl of ravioli carbonara. Not a very satisfactory day for eating, both meals weren't that crash hot. Was thirsty so I had 4 cups of water, 2 coffees, and a lemon squash.

Spent the night learning about the reproductive system and watching the saints beat collingwood.


* * *
Had two cups of coffee by 1:30pm.
Just had a flash back to last night, the cat was the life of the party. Kept on running around underneath the dartboard, trying to make us scared for her life.
A certain housemate took offence to Ant and threw a glass of water at him and beat him up (all in good fun)
A dart lodged into the mortar of the wall. That's some good throwing.


* * *
* * *
Went to the Peacock (High Street) with Joe, Ant and Mel.

7 pots

On arriving back to Bridge Street found a party happenning. Played some darts and watched a lecture on the evils of Marijuana use.

1 glass of port
1 glass of homebrew
1 packet of Benson and Hedges

Bed at 3am


* * *
While Wifey and I are in Cairns for two weeks my dear friend 'Triangle Hoe' will be journal sitting for me. Make him welcome. He is the person our friends turn to when they need a house sitter, so he was a natural choice.
* * *
Saw my first number plate beginning with S-U tonight - they may have picked up the car that very day!!

1. SUA 703
2. STY 129
3. STY 097

* * *
Dinner for Sols birthday at Warwicks Thai on sydney road, brunswick.

1 and a half glasses of red.
2 bottles of Becks.
1 bottle of heineken.
1 bottle of james boags premium light (at home.)

My pregnant wife had a mouthful of red wine and the not quite the dregs from karens heineken.
Hit the cat repeatedly before we went out and i think in the middle of the night too.

* * *