May 15th, 2004

Guest journal #1

Went to the Peacock (High Street) with Joe, Ant and Mel.

7 pots

On arriving back to Bridge Street found a party happenning. Played some darts and watched a lecture on the evils of Marijuana use.

1 glass of port
1 glass of homebrew
1 packet of Benson and Hedges

Bed at 3am


Flash backs to last night

Had two cups of coffee by 1:30pm.
Just had a flash back to last night, the cat was the life of the party. Kept on running around underneath the dartboard, trying to make us scared for her life.
A certain housemate took offence to Ant and threw a glass of water at him and beat him up (all in good fun)
A dart lodged into the mortar of the wall. That's some good throwing.