beer tally #95

i am the husband who works in the yard til dusk,
sweat beads mingling with saw dust.
I am the husband who when looking up at the horizon
sees the silohuette of his wife smiling down upon him.
I am the husband who is handed a cold and cool beer by his beloved wife...
and a chocolate mint biscuit.

2 cans of VB

Toofy: Beer Tally #44

Back from Far North with this tally of pots, pints, dessert wines, cans, stubbies, glasses of wine, jugs, schnooners, shots and minibar vodka over a period of a fortnight: 88. And that was with only 1 real session. See I don't drink too much, I don't drink enough!

Go library go-go

Saw three doctors since Friday and 3 nurses. I have had some breathing issues since Friday morning (I thought that I had a heart attack) Apparently it is just a musclar thing, that is giving me the pain, will get better with time. Doctor told me to give up smoking though.

Today I went to the Northcote library, which makes it the 4th time this week. Do yourself a favour kids, negate ignorance and have some fun by going to your local library. It is what ol' Toofy would want.


Turbans and Herald-Sun

Sorry about the lack of trainspotting> I should really get my act together.

Today I saw a guy at the train station in Moorabbin with a turban on. That takes my total of turban sightings to 3 this month.

I also found a Herald-Sun on the train. I find one probably every week. My aim is to not buy a herald-sun for the whole month, I hope to either find them or borrow them.